The present study let you know no significant dating ranging from Conscientiousness and you will narcissism (Miller et al

The present study let you know no significant dating ranging from Conscientiousness and you will narcissism (Miller et al


There had been 437 (270 girls) people, have been hired thru in public areas accessible networks. Its imply years is 23 age (SD = 5.96). Players had been requested doing a set of forms a number of that aren’t associated on current study. All of the sufferers gave the told concur to the discharge of the take to ratings having search purposes, and all sorts of had been provided views for the general consequence of the research. The newest dataset analysed inside the most recent investigation can be found at the


Vulnerable narcissism was measured into the Hypersensitive Narcissism Size by Hendin and you may Cheek (1997) on Shine interpretation (look for Czarna et al. 2014). It include ten points having a Likert-including effect level from 1 (strongly differ) in order to 5 (highly consent).

Grandiose narcissism is analyzed into the validated Gloss type (Bazinska and you will Drat-Ruszczak 2000) of your Narcissistic Identity Catalog (Raskin and you will Hallway 1979). The items was in fact selected basing with the foundation study (loadings exceeding .40) and represented the next subscales of NPI: Expert (11 activities), Self-Sufficiency (7), Vanity (5), and you will Exhibitionism (11). Participants ranked the degree of endorsement of every statement having fun with an excellent Likert-type of reaction format, from 1 (cannot apply to me) to help you 5 (applies to me). The sum factors produces a collection of grandiose narcissism. It has been shown has just that the Likert format NPI manifests comparable create authenticity and you can slightly improved accuracy into amazing pushed-alternatives style (Miller et al. 2018a).

The big Five is assessed having Polish variation (Strus ainsi que al. 2014) of In the world Identification jackd dating website Items Pond – Large Five Factor Size (BFAS; DeYoung ainsi que al. 2007). This really is a 100-item measure of trait domains (Agreeableness, Conscientiousness, Extraversion, Neuroticism, and Openness/Intellect) and the several all the way down-purchase aspects of for each and every domain (Volatility, Withdrawal, Mercy, Courtesy, Industriousness, Orderliness, Warmth, Assertiveness, Intellect, and you can Visibility). Participants is asked in order to rate just how much the new comments was relevant on them on the a great Likert-type level, from one (firmly differ) so you can 5 (firmly agree).


First, we checked-out brand new correlations anywhere between a couple variants from narcissism and you will identification attributes in addition to domain names and you can issue (Dining table step 1). One another sort of narcissism coordinated that have character traits in the a comparable means to fix prior lookup (e.grams. Miller ainsi que al. 2011). Specifically, vulnerable narcissism was seriously coordinated with Neuroticism, and negatively of this Agreeableness and Extraversion. Grandiose narcissism correlated absolutely which have Extraversion, Openness/Intelligence and you will Conscientiousness, and negatively having Neuroticism and you can Agreeableness.

Subsequently, we compared the associations between each type of narcissism and aspects of personality within each domain. Therefore, we tested for the difference between two dependent correlations (Steiger 1980). Figure 1 illustrates graphically the patterns of correlations. We found that vulnerable narcissism was significantly and positively correlated with both aspects of Neuroticism and that correlations did not differ from one another (z =,215, p = 0.820), which supported H1. In addition, consistent with H2, grandiose narcissism was significantly and negatively correlated with Withdrawal, and this correlation was stronger than with Volatility (z = 5.85, p < 0.001). Grandiose narcissism correlated positively with both aspects of Extraversion; however, the association was stronger for Assertiveness (z = , p < 0.001), which supported H3. Vulnerable narcissism was equally negatively related to both Assertiveness and Enthusiasm (z = ?1.90; p = 0.060; H4). The results also supported H5; grandiose narcissism was negatively correlated with both aspects of Agreeableness. However, the correlation with Politeness was significantly stronger (z = 6.26; p < 0.001). The correlation of vulnerable narcissism with both aspects of Agreeableness was negative and the magnitudes of these correlations were similar (z = .261; p = 0.79). Thus, H6 was only partially supported, because we expected a higher association with Compassion. Finally, H7 was also supported: grandiose narcissism correlated positively with Intellect and this association was stronger than with Openness (z = 7.40; p < 0.001).

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