I’m probably must say that PJ’s most loved dating was together with members of the family

I’m probably must say that PJ’s most loved dating was together with members of the family

Probably while the he has got that relationship on longest. With respect to a girlfriend, PJ try. not an educated user on the games from like.

Probably one of the most powerful relationships when you look at the a household is sisters. PJ and you can Teddy fight, however they usually set it up out. It although not, privately love one another since the siblings, while they try done opposites. It love both including genuine sisters but never constantly reveal they. In every Fall down whenever Teddy is disturb, PJ cheered her up. Teddy and you may PJ constantly get turns caring for Charlie.

Bob Duncan

Bob are PJ’s dad and they like both very much. Regardless of this yet not, PJ appears to be worried spending time with him. When Bob questioned in the event the PJ is preparing to have some fun, PJ looks off when he should wade angling together with his father (« Charlie try 1 »), and you may PJ refuses to visit an enthusiastic AVM concert with his father (Material Enroll.) Although not, PJ performed help their logowanie seekingarrangement Bob register his ring for just one nights. Regardless of this, PJ do value Bob’s attitude and you will does not instance hurting otherwise discouraging his father. Whenever PJ happen to holiday breaks the last record from Bob’s ring, PJ seems crappy and you can helps make the energy locate Bob’s ring together with her. PJ normally resentful within Bob to own his beginning certification, where their name is found just like the ‘Potty John’ (« Are you willing to Remain a secret? »), or when Bob identifies your because ‘the nice one’ (« Appy Days »). Anything in accordance that Bob and you can PJ features together with her try which they were in a band. And therefore, PJ’s audio skill probably comes from his dad Bob. In general, sometimes they enjoys a near matchmaking and you will PJ is actually happy when Bob are proud of him. Ultimately of your show, Bob helps PJ build a good peanut butter and you may jelly sandwich stand which PJ brands B PJ’s PB J honoring their father and himself (« B » stands for Bob).

Charlie Duncan

PJ wants Charlie, however, uses the girl cuteness discover women in order to such your into the « Something’s Fishy » and you will uses their to track down profit « Kit and you can Kaboodle ». Their cons always functions apart from the ones in which he lies so you can their parents since the Charlie is bad under pressure. She generally why don’t we anything sneak courtesy the woman throat. Charlie enjoys PJ. She has told you therefore. She apologized so you can PJ when he mentioned that she actually is dreadful under great pressure. PJ cannot mind babysitting Charlie, but may be really reckless at times. He took a bad baby household in the park shortly after teasing with Emma within the « Baby Return ». PJ and Charlie provides a different matchmaking PJ likes Charlie extremely much and Charlie loves PJ a great deal so they have become romantic. PJ together with trained the lady tips state « We wuv PJ » attain lady on shopping mall. It doesn’t prevent really getting your due to the fact his girl falls for Charlie’s cuteness in place of themselves.

Amy Duncan

Though he does not tell you they, PJ loves Amy and you can cares on her behalf seriously. For example Teddy and you will Gabe, he believes the woman is thus uncool and you will lame but he’s got lied to protect the woman thinking regarding show. PJ is known, which have Gabe, and work out enjoyable from their cooking. PJ is known as a much better cook after that the lady. PJ with each other, along with his siblings know that mother Loves the new spotlight as well as someone else. Regarding the episode « Amazing Gracie », he or she is seen pushing a switch to get Amy so you can pop music out of a large jack-in-the-box. It is also shown one to PJ and you can Amy have the best reference to both than just Amy does along with the lady most other youngsters. In one single event, Amy says you to PJ was the woman favorite.

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