He’s got narrow, hazel coloured (gray on manga) attention having cat-eg people that produce him arrive sneaky and overwhelming

He’s got narrow, hazel coloured (gray on manga) attention having cat-eg people that produce him arrive sneaky and overwhelming


Kuroo is listed to be tall and you can slim which have broad arms, well-built arms, and you can good muscle body type. His black colored hair is needless to say messy and you may surges right up because of his bed-head. The guy even offers a fringe for the his right side one partially covers their attention. Right down to his strange hairstyle, he could be periodically named « Rooster Lead ».

Kuroo is frequently viewed dressed in a black colored shirt, purple sweatpants, and also the Nekoma Large coat. During authoritative matches, he wears the brand new Nekoma consistent designated for the number one.


Kuroo provides a laid-right back yet scheming identity and that is noticed an excellent « provocation expert » by many [1] . He’d actively provoke anyone else that’s unrelenting when dishing away snide statements. It is displayed in the manner he angers Tsukishima in the event that first-seasons blocker maintained an excellent nonchalant ideas to the volleyball in summer studies go camping. However, Kuroo is actually kinder plus genuine than their external photo delivers. Once realizing he’s got overstepped a column, Kuroo seeks out and you will apologizes to Daichi regarding provocation. After, appearing that while he is an excellent « provocation specialist, » sportsmanship is still vital that you your [1] . The guy plus cares and you may respects their elderly advisor, Yasufumi Nekomata, immensely, enough to assist Karasuno improve in order to meet Nekomata’s dream of competing against one another at the nationals possible.

Considering Kenma, Kuroo are a bashful and you can withdrawn man whom earliest went for the his neighborhood as he are 7 years old [2] . He was hushed facing strangers and embarrassing around Kenma to start with, despite the one or two being close-in years. Both fused more than games and finally practiced volleyball along with her. Slower, Kuroo began to come out of his cover because the one or two got much more active in the recreation. The guy turned into a much higher and productive people, generated brand new members of the family in school, and started going out playing soccer into the other kids.

Kuroo is also proven to be an extremely watchful and user-friendly people with regards to each other volleyball and folks. Although a kid, he was extremely attentive to Kenma’s silent, taken identity, along with the feeling to not ever drag him off to create something new kid did not have any enjoyable inside performing [2] . In matches, their attentive nature because the a center blocker proves to be very dangerous to have Nekoma’s rivals. The guy easily songs down and assesses the move of your own spikers, enabling him to hold a successful stop and wreck the new momentum of opposite people.

Around their teammates, Kuroo are an established, strong head, commonly responsible for lifting this new comfort of one’s class when they try effect down having fun with sly quips. He generally seems to obtain enjoyment out-of facing good competitors and you will covers his anger having clear smirks and you may boisterous comments, all the while scheming solutions to break apart brand new opposite people.

Even after seeming sneaky and you will cool on the outside, Kuroo possesses an unusual side that’s into screen as he straps out in noisy ridiculous laughter and you may partcipates in frivolous discussion having Bokuto [3] . Kuroo as well as appears to often discover himself much more away from a keen old-man otherwise people simply a-year or two young than just him because students, since the shown when he proclaims « Ah, youth » once viewing Inuoka and Hinata and speaking to Tsukishima [4] .


To 8 years of age, Kuroo moved next door to Kenma together with his nearest and dearest, and therefore contains their father and grandparents. If in case he was kept alone, however visit Kenma’s domestic alternatively. He had been listed getting shyer and much more withdrawn than Kenma, so the two got difficulty learning for every most other [2] .

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